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 Legend of Virtuous-Realms

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PostSubject: Legend of Virtuous-Realms   Sun May 04, 2014 10:16 pm

The war of idealism was fought over many generations of the inhabitants of the island known as Bitoku. All those lived here were in their small groups, but wished to join as one unity. But, their ideas were the leading cause of this not being completed. As time brewed on, the elders of the first generation were starting to die. But, the offspring dispersed and the war never proceeded to a victor. But, the time officially came for the war to continue its course.


"Hey, mom. Can you tell us about your heritage?" Matika barked with a cheerful tone. She glanced over at her brother, who wasn't paying attention. 
Jay chuckled at her pups. "Why daughter. Let me tell you a story of how one young wolf made seven ideas become one. This will start when your grandmother was a pup about your age..."

The young wolf was born in the lands of Bitoku, which was off the coast of Newfoundland by one mile. The island was a flourishing island, excepting it holding a dark truth. The wars were still raging on as she grew up in the lands. The seven elders of the lands had disagreed with their ancestors for thousands of years. They had come to agree that this island was sacred to wolves, accepting all nationalities and backgrounds. But, the rival pack across the sea in the mainland threatened the safety of these idealisms. This young pup was recognized with the virtue of diligence. But, she refused to travel to the sacred Bitoku no dōkutsu, which means Cave of Virtues. She never wanted to follow in her pawsteps of her ancestors because of the nasty war they continued to rage. 

The wolf tricked her parents into thinking that she was going to receive her virtue relic. No, she continued her way onward to the other six groups and to learn of their virtues. Developing friendships and enemies, this wolf was growing up in her virtue but yet still wanted to end the war. Finally, returning home, she was charged with treason and brought to a conference of the seven elders. They all were presented her case and muttered to themselves on the penalty.

This wolf exclaimed, "You fools. Don't you see that Chaos is trying to break the island to ruins so these virtues fail to succeed. You all are living in your parents footsteps. They were the ones who chose these lands to live under seven virtues of one society, not seven virtues of seven societies. He will take this chance and kill every last of the descendants if we don't do anything and bring back the virtues ourselves. " Behind this wolf was a two-day old pup. The elders glanced in curiosity. "Who is that child, virtuous wolf of Diligence." The wolf glanced behind and stared back at the line of wolves. "This is my daughter. The virtuous wolf of loyalty. The eighth hidden virtue from the lands that the pack led by Chaos resides. She had received this eighth virtue from her ancestors. I was told to tell you this. There will be a day when a wolf comes and has recieved the eighth virtue. The eighth virtue is the secret behind all seven virtues, which means this wolf has received all virtues of the island. All wolves are doomed to die on this island if the eighth virtue wolf returns to her giver of the eighth virtue. If this is the case and the wolf is returned to the giver, you will all fail to survive and the virtuous wolf will be vanquished from these lands until the time of virtuous wolves are once born again." The elders had exchanged glances, but failed to believe her. "Nilak is banned from the island of Bitoku and her family forever." 

The case was closed and this wolf hurried herself toward Chaos' territory. Along the way, she was then killed by his pack and the virtuous pup was brought to Chaos. "My daughter. You are last to live with the eighth virtue. I will not be living much longer. Your job is to bring back wolves with the same virtues your mother had lived by. I failed to see the ending of the war on the island. They are already killing as we speak. I hate to have released my pack onto the island. But, they failed to see what we see. So, daughter with this virtue of loyalty, lead with your life. And bring back the other seven virtues under one society and one island. I hope to see you placed among the stars like your mother. Because I failed your mother... and I know you won't fail her."
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Legend of Virtuous-Realms

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