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 Amarok~Realistic Wolf RP

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PostSubject: Amarok~Realistic Wolf RP   Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:12 pm

" />

Amarok is a brand new wolf roleplay!

It is a literate and realistic wolf role play site, that has three packs, and is set in the wilderness of Canada.

The three packs:

Akiak~ Akiak, meaning 'brave', this is a pack known to be fearless and loyal. It generally yields caring, strong, and noble wolves.

Yakone~ The Yakone pack is known for the power of its wolves. They are ordinarily very strong, tough, stubborn, and narcissistic. They are usually the ones to begin a skirmish, and other packs don't normally appreciate their company.

Sakari~ The Sakari pack, is the kindest pack in the land. They are known for being benevolent, determined, spiritual, and wise. These wolves commonly keep to themselves. They are the only pack to have faith, in a spirit they call Aningan. She is said to keep the balance of nature.

This is a very new site, and many higher ranks are still free! Hope you come check us out!

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Amarok~Realistic Wolf RP

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