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 Replacement Terms

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PostSubject: Replacement Terms   Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:44 am

Body and Coat Colors

Black -
atramentous, brunet, charcoal, clouded, coal, dingy, dusky, ebon, ebony, ink-like, jet, livid, melanoid, murky, nigrescent, jet-black, nigrous, obsidian, onyx, piceous, pitch, pitch-dark, pitch-black,raven, sable, shadowy, slate, somber, sombre, sooty, starless, swart, swarthy, black, dark, dusty, gloomy, inky, jetty, pitch-black, midnight, smokewash'd, shadowed, lucid, charred, stained, swarthy, ebonite, stygian

Grey/White -
achromatic, achromic, alabaster, ashen, blanched, bleached, bloodless, caucasian, chalky, clear, fair, frosted, ghastly, gray, hoary, immaculate, ivory, light, milky, neutral, pallid, pasty, pearly, pure, silver, silvery, snowy, spotless, stainless, transparent, unblemished, unsullied, wan, waxen, ash, ashen, cinereal, clouded, dappled, dingy, dove, drab, dusky, moonwashed, dusty, grey, heather, iron, lead, leaden, livid, mousy, neutral, oyster, pearly, peppery, powder, sere, shaded, silvered, silvery, slate, smoky, somber, stone

Blue -
azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sapphire, teal, turquoise, ultramarine

Green -
apple, aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, fir, forest, grass, jade, kelly, lime, malachite, moss, olive, pea, peathingy, pine, sage, sap, sea, spinach, verdigris, vert, viridian, willow

Brown -
amber, auburn, bay, beige, bister, brick, bronze, buff, burnt sienna, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, copper, drab, dust, ecru, fawn, ginger, hazel, henna, khaki, mahogany, nut, ochre, puce, russet, rust, sepia, snuff-colored, sorrel, tan, tawny, terracotta, toast, umber

Body Parts

Tail -
tassel, plume, banner, rope, whip, whipcords, caudal, hock kisser, pendulum, ribbons, plumage, fifth appendage, cat o nine tails

Muzzle -
bone, chops, clam shells, jowl, mandible, maxilla, mouth, muzzle, orifice, point, plush, mug, maw, proboscis, kisser, velveteen nares, nostrils, ovals, nasal passages, caverns, puss, pan, zephyrs, velveteens

Head -
visage, dial, cranium, cranial, cranial casing, crown, pate, crania, pallet, tiare, countenance, zenith, skull, cerebrum, pate, brainpan, plat, poll, culmination, zenith

Ears -
auds, lobes, thorns, listeners, doublets, orrilles, harks, auditories, harks, aerials, acoustics, accoustics, appararus, tympanums, auditives, duos, cochlea, diagnostics, pricks, twin pinnacles, twin zeniths, lappets, auricles, spikes, spires, towers, darts, ayricles, orioles

Throat -
Esophagus, Gullet, Pharynx, Larynx

Mouth/lips -
Labarums, Labios, Velvets, Kissers, Maws, Trap, Chops

Eyes -
Occuli, Occulars, Optics, Pools, Ooids, Orbs, Optical Sphere, Opticals, Visionaries, Chasms, Lanterns, Twin Pools, Tabiries, Globes, Spheres, Lamps, Occules, Orbits, Orcia, Voids, Chasms, Lampis, Lampistra, Occulus, Windows To The Soul, Chambers, Visual Globes, Holes, Slits, Ogles

Neck -
Crest, Serpentine, Nape, Curvature, Boa, Viper

Legs -
braces, columns, members, parts, poles, portions, posts, props, sections, segments, stages, stakes, stilts, stretches, stumps, supports, uprights, pillars, appendages, stilts, pistons, pinions, shanks, gams, fulcrums, limbs, appendai

Body -
chassi, carcass, bodice, frame, physique, bulk, form, torso, figure, silhouette, hulk, mass, lithe, willowy, chassis, barrel, corpse, cadaver

Teeth -
ivories, pearls, insicors, enamels, syringes, dentals, fangs

Actions and Movements

Forward Movements -
embarks, stalks, walks, strides, drifts, slinks, glides, runs, stumbles, slides, dances, shuffles, sways, struts, ingresses, saunters, prances, advances, collaborates, rendition, intercepts, navigates, animates, ignites

Soft -
talcum, gentle, camellia, velvet, silk, sleek

Ask -
inquire, query, question

Reply -
retort, return, hiss, reply

Destroy -
lacerate, decimate, puncture

Happy -
buoyant, bliss, ecstatic, elated, euphoric, joyful, joyous, lighthearted, ecstasy, mirthful, gay, bubbly, hyper, hypo

Sad -
depressed, dismal, joyless, mirthless, triste, morose, saturnine, lugubrious, dour, melancholy, somber, blue, dejected, dreary, grieving, down, listless

Aggressive -
bellicose, pugnacious, belligerent, willful, hot, waspy, asperous, assertive, militant, pushy, combative, imperious, dangerous, deadly

Wise -
sensible, prudent, judicious, noble minded, sagacious, sophistic, intuitive, judicious, gnostic, insighted, perceptive, sage, astute, cunning

Calm -
phlegmatic, halcyon, placid, composed, nonchalant, care-free, easy going, soft

Hatred -
abhorrence, enmity, animosity, loathing

Angry -
piqued, irked, vexed, acrimonious, mad, stroppy, in bloodlust, vengeful, choleric, indignant, irate

Energetic -
vigorous, peppy, preppy, dynamic, flying, hypo, restless, lusty, strenuous, emphatic, vibrant

Tired -
fatigued, strung out, enervated, jaded, weary, exhausted

Desire -
lust, concupiscence, lustful, edge, torment, wish, need, fancy, fantasy, exigency

Mother -
Dam, Maternal, Origin, Source, Creator

Father -
Sire, Paternal, Procreator, Ancestor, Warden, Forebear


Land Earth/Ground Area -
loam, terra, terrain, abode, domain, domicile, environ, castle, roost, land, dwelling, residence, hearth, habitat, kingdom, realm, empire, monarchy, lair, lithosphere, terra firma, roof of hell, earth's face, tectonic plates

Big -
prodigious, colossal, mammoth

Small -
svelte, minuscule

Trees -
frondescence, foliage

Vegetation -
flora, herbage, verdure

Terrain -
terra firma, lithosphere, topography, tundra

Soft Terrain -
sod, quagmire, loam, fell

Muscular -
brawny, sinewy, stalwart, strapping, burly

Sky -
firmament, welkin, blue yonder, heavens

Perimeter -
glebe, periphery, frontier, dingle

Wind/Breeze -
Squall, zephyr

Old -
Senescent, Veteran, Decrepit, Aged, Ancient, Broken Down, Debilitated, Deficient, Doddering, Elderly, Enfeebled, Exhausted, Experienced

Hard -
Compressed, Dense, Firm, Rigid, Solid, Stony, Thick, Tough, Unyeilding
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Replacement Terms

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