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 Alchemist Guide to Diseases

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PostSubject: Alchemist Guide to Diseases   Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:35 am

Diseases and Sicknesses

Chest Infections
Colds and Influenza are the most common chest infections known to the Clan cats. A cold is the milder form, but if untreated, it can develop into the much more severe influenza. Wolves usually catch it during Autumn and Winter, and sometimes it develops into large-scale epidemics. It can be fatal for elders and pups. It spreads quickly and is highly contagious.

Alchemists treat it using catmint. If fevers accompany the cough, tansy or borage is used as well.

Pneumonia symptoms are such as expelling blood, high fever, and coughing.

Poisoning is the ingestion of a substance that causes harm to the body, such as:

Eating or drinking poisonous substances or plants. Pups are the ones who usually fall victim to this, being curious and unaware of the danger.
Eating poisoned or rotten prey or drinking tainted water.
Inhaling too much smoke from a fire.
Being bitten by a venomous animal such as a snake.
If only a small quantity of poison is ingested, the cat usually just receives a bellyache, but larger amounts can cause death. Alchemists treat these bellyaches with yarrow or nettle leaves, while mild bellyaches can be treated with juniper or watermint. If a wolf has been severely poisoned, he/she may become unconscious for a length of time.

Rat-Borne Infections
The cats sometimes fall victims to infections carried by rats. Burdock root is used to stop infection from rat bites.

Loss of Sensory Perception
A cat may lose his or her eyesight or hearing due to old age, or from accidents and infections, or birth defects. Pup born with defects usually die young, unless they have special skills compensating it.

Joint Aches
A condition usually associated with elders, the joints gradually degenerating with age, causing pain and difficulty to move. Damp environments can cause the appearance of this condition. It is usually treated using daisy or ragwort poultices.

A toothache is caused by a cracked tooth, cavities, or an infection in the mouth. Alder bark is used to soothe the pain.

Fever is an abnormally high temperature of the body. It is not a disease in itself, but it usually signs the presence of an infection, such as a cough or an infected wound. If needed, it can be treated with feverfew, borage or lavender.

Chills are mostly associated with cold weather or being submerged in cold water for a long period of time. Pups and elders are more at risk of dying when they get a chill. Licking a wolf's fur the wrong way gets the blood flowing again. A poultice of lavender, catmint and feverfew is also a good remedy.

-Credit to Warriors Wiki-
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Alchemist Guide to Diseases

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