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 Regal Points and How to Earn Them

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PostSubject: Regal Points and How to Earn Them   Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:57 pm

Ways to earn regal points and what are they?

As followed, they are updated every Friday in the advancement forum.

Regal Points:

Regal means "Notable of Excellence". Regal points are points that you earn for being faithful and active. These points are used for the Regal Shop. They are also used for event purposes for when it is a requirement to participate. 

The Symbol for Regal Points: ✬

List of Ways to Earn Regal Points:
•Participating in contests.
•Post on the thread on Wolfquest.
•Offer to help out with the website.
•Act your rank in roleplay. 
•Post around the website.
•Bring in newcomers THAT are active.
•Help newcomers.
•Post useful guides.
•Follow the rules.
•Post suggestions that get approved.

•Participating in contests.
>>Usually, if you enter a contest but dont win a place, you get Regal Points. The amount differs on the amount of people entering.

•Post on the thread on Wolfquest.
>>Posting on the thread keeps it on the first page and appears active. Each time you post between Friday and Friday at 4pm CST, you get 1 Regal Point.

•Offer to help out with the website.
>>Offering to help may give you Regal Points. It depends on the factors.

•Act your rank in roleplay. 
>>Dont act like the leader of the pack when your a newcomer. The pack has an ranking system for a reason. Act like your rank and do it well. Between the Friday and Friday period, if you did your rank to expectations then you earn 3 Regal Points.

•Post around the website.
>>Post on the website. It took a long time to deveolp.

•Bring in newcomers THAT are active.
>>After one week of them being completely active, then you can recieve 10 Regal Points

•Help newcomers.
>>If I catch you helping a trainee or student, you get 5 Regal Points.

•Post useful guides.
>>If you post helpful guides in product information, you recieve 20 Regal Points!

•Follow the rules.
>>If you are a trainee/student and follow the rules, 3 Regal Points for.

•Post suggestions that get approved.
>>You get 6 Regal Points for every approved suggestion.

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Regal Points and How to Earn Them

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