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 A Guide to Joining The Pack

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PostSubject: A Guide to Joining The Pack   Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:12 pm

Newbie Guide
Hello fellow stranger. I warmly welcome you to the Virtuous-Realms pack. I hope this guide will lead you to the right path and to begin making memories here.

Let's begin with some simple things.
You must be aware of the rules. The rules are located here:

When you read the rules, there will be a password that you must include in your wolf biography. No, I won't tell the password now. You must read the rules! Smile

As you read the rules, you may wonder the consequences to breaking the rules. Well, that will mainly be determined by the council, but ultimately up to me. So, just follow the very simple rules and you will be all right. Very Happy

Now, after reading the rules, please post your biography in the Awaiting Approval sub-forum toward the top of the list of forums.

In your biography, please be detailed and meet the requirements. The form is located here:

As for the ranks:

After a staff member accepts you, then you can begin roleplaying. It is mandatory for your wolf to be accepted by Jay in the roleplay as soon as you can.

When roleplaying in the pack, there are a few simple rules.
>> Three sentences minimum. No maximum.
>> No liquid time.
>> No powerplaying.
>> No magical powers.
>> No controlling the weather.

Now, you know how to roleplay. I will introduce you to the major figures in the pack.

>>Jay: This is the founder and commander of the pack. Her main goal as a leader is to always listen and put them first beyond herself. She is very approachable if you ever need someone to talk to.

>>Kyro: He is the other administrator of the pack. He helps Jay with many duties and major decisions. Being a member since the first days of the pack, he is the one to approach with if you re concern about anything. He is very friendly, unless you annyo him x33 We still love him though.

>>Arnou: She is the only moderator of the site. She is tending to certain things like account issues or simple questions. She also makes sure that everybody follows the rules. 

Before I go and leave you to tend to other things, please know the rules of the chatbox.
>>Minimal swearing
>>No links to rated R content
>>No spamming excessively
>>No starting arguments

Thanks for reading. If you have any further questions, contact a Staff Member.
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A Guide to Joining The Pack

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