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 General Rules of the Pack

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PostSubject: General Rules of the Pack   Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:04 pm


1. No inappropriate, rude, disturbing or otherwise unneeded comments are tolerated
2. Swearing is tolerated, but keep it to a minimum and don't direct it in the direction of other members. 
3. Respect is required. If anyone is caught disrespecting a member, they will be punished. It is also common courtesy.
4. Negativity and/or Pity is strictly frowned upon and others don't tend to take this lightly, as a heads up.
5. Manners are appreciated, so please keep this in mind when someone does you a favor or just to be in common courtesy.
6. Do not share any personal information while on this site; unless if you wish. Beware that you are at your own risk on this. This is not a dictatorship where we are stalking your every movement. Just remember this is the internet.


1. Please keep your activity up while roleplaying here because an inactive site is unappealing. So, if you are going to be gone, please post in the EFA section.
2. If you signed up and are not on soon after, your account may be locked.


1. All posts in general must have at least three words in them; roleplay posts must have at least two sentences
2. SPAM and/or excessive multiple posting is not allowed
3. Do not advertise. That is very simple, but you can mention about your other sites.
4. Rude and/or disrespectful comments are prohibited. They will be removed immediately.


1. Do not advertise on the chatbox, please.
2. All fights and disagreements should be discussed in PM, not the chatbox.
3. Do not act like an Staff Member. Please just report the issue to Jay and it will be taken care of with.
4. Try not to spam the chat in any way. This includes with a lot of pictures or graphics or text decoration.


1. Signatures and avatars must follow any other rule listed here.
2. Avatars must be 200x200 pixels or smaller.
3. If an avatar is made by someone other than you, make sure to give them credit.


1. Warnings: Warnings are only given out when someone breaks the rules but doesn't deserve a ban since it was not a repeated offense.
2. Bans: Bans are usually given out if the user has broken multiple rules, or severely broke a rule. 

Password: Loyalty

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General Rules of the Pack

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